President’s Message

As we quickly approach the 100-day mark of the first of President Trump’s terms, I thought I’d point out a few of his accomplishments thus far.

For starters, he signed legislation aimed at cutting off federal
funding to Planned Parenthood and other groups that perform
abortions, and an executive order to reinstate the “Mexico City
Policy” to extend that internationally. He is issuing a memorandum
to examine the restructuring of the federal government in an effort to downsize the workforce and change the function and roles of many of its bloated agencies – yes, making good on a principle campaign promise to “drain the swamp.” Mick Mulvaney, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, said, “We think at the end of the day this leads to a government that is dramatically more accountable, more efficient, and dramatically more effective.” President Trump has taken swift and immediate action in Syria, after the recent chemical attacks. This in stark contrast to President Obama, who spoke of a red line he would not let Assad cross and then stood by idly in 2013 while Assad orchestrated the horrific sarin gas attacks on the Syrian opposition forces—the death toll of which ranged from 281 to 1729 people. It was so horrendous the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told the UN Security Council that he believed the attack constituted a war crime.

Lastly, and most impressively, the president has triumphantly appointed the highly esteemed Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Hallelujah! And I do not need to mention, though I will, that he has managed all of this with unprecedented opposition, roadblocks, and obstruction by his fellow civil servants on the left. I believe these days it’s good to be a Republican!

Which brings me to my appeal: If President Trump has been able in less than 100 days to set our country on a new course, we can, too, here in our beloved state of California. I urge you to peruse our lineup of committees and to choose the one you find most interesting. Please reach out to that chairperson, who will enthusiastically welcome your support. NHRW has earned the reputation of being a powerful voice for the conservative agenda in Orange County. Please consider getting more involved with us because now really is the time for all good women to come to the aid of their party.